The next generation in skin care science.
AlureVé skin care combines patented ingredient delivery and synergy to give you transcendent beauty and skin health.


AlureVé is skin care like you've never experienced before. Designed using delivery systems and formulation methods born in the pharmaceutical industry; then applied to over-the-counter skin care, AlureVé offers you unmatched, next-generation skin care products and benefits never before available to the public. And using Dr. Quan’s patented genomic testing, we can prove AlureVé makes your skin behave more like young skin—down to the cellular level.

Delivery Systems

Standard skin creams just sit on the dead surface of the skin, where little ingredient is absorbed and even less travels into the epidermis where it can do the most good.

AlureVé is different. Designed with leading-edge science, AlureVé products carry potent, pure, optimally-formulated ingredients into the right skin layers at the right time—for maximum benefit.

Skin Diagram

Time-Released Nano Ingredients

AlureVé Comparison

AlureVé’s time-released polymer matrix system and nano ingredients deliver exponentially more vital nutrients into the epidermis all night, every night; giving your skin the best chance for effective protection, correction, and health. Clinical studies show using this science, AlureVé patches deliver up to 55 times more ingredient into the skin than standard skin care products.

Time-Released Nano Ingredients

AlureVé is proud to introduce the first ever overnight, anti-aging skin care patch. Highly exclusive and patented, this type of skin care patch has never before been available to the public. Worn for up to eight hours, this one-of-a-kind product delivers potent, pure, time-released nourishment to key areas of the face with minimal evaporation, resulting in maximum corrective benefit.

AlureVé Undereye Patch


Ingredient Synergy & Purity

AlureVé scientists formulate using only the purest, highest quality, nature-based ingredients, combined in ways that work best with each other, and with the skin's chemistry.

Ingredients like Micronized Pearl Powder work with the skin’s own healing processes to generate new, fresh cells, for improved texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, more even skin tone, and a glow that only AlureVé can provide

AlureVé products are formulated using only the purest, highest quality, nature-based ingredients

Cold Processing for Potency

Other skin care companies heat their formulas to get them to bind well, which damages delicate ingredients in the process and significantly reduces their potency. Due to the lack of delivery into the skin and degraded ingredient potency caused by this hot process, you're only getting a fraction of what you paid for from these other skin care brands. AlureVe uses only cold processing binders, like coconut butter, that melt below the temperature of the skin. These binders provide a perfect blend without damaging the delicate, key ingredients with heat. As a result, when AlureVe products touch warm skin, the natural binders melt, releasing pure ingredients into the epidermis with 100% potency.

AlureVé is cold processed for potency


Patented Genomic Testing

AlureVé formulas are built on years of skin research leveraging a proprietary genomic test from Dr.Quan’s lab that helps measure the synergistic effect of ingredients on gene expression. Using this test, she has been able to measure how her formulas simulate the behaviors of young skin down to the cellular level, like quick healing and DNA repair.

DNA Splash
Dr. Danyi Quan, AlureVé inventor

Danyi Quan, Ph.D.

Dr. Danyi Quan (Ph.D., FAAD), AlureVé inventor has over 30 years experience as an expert, inventor, and researcher in the fields of pharmaceutics, Chinese herbal medicine, and skin care.

Dr. Quan earned her Bachelor's Degree on Pharmacy in China Pharmaceutical University, and conducted research projects there on Chinese Herbal Medicine. In 1987, Dr. Quan, became the youngest scientist to receive the Japanese Medical Award and opted to complete her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science. Later, Dr. Quan relocated to San Francisco to focus the study on the correlations between skin toxicity and skin penetration at the Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, University of California under Dr. Howard Maibach, world-famous Professor in dermatology.

Later, Dr. Quan parlayed her years of research and experience into her next position as Senior Scientist with TheraTech (now Watson Pharmaceuticals), a leading U.S. company in advanced drug delivery systems. Dr. Quan remained at TheraTech for 10 years where she was the key inventor for several leading transdermal and topical products and was subsequently promoted to Director of Transdermal Research. During her research, Dr. Quan realized that most cosmetic patches on the market were poorly designed without proven efficacy. She saw an opportunity to use her knowledge of transdermal technology to create a better skin patch and skin care products.

Backed by her years of skin research, in 2015, Dr. Quan launched AlureVé, a unique line of premium anti-aging skin care to smooth wrinkles, hydrate skin, and restore vitality. Revolutionizing the way skin care is developed and delivered into the skin, Dr. Quan believes in the concept of Quality by Design, which includes a Yin-Yang balance of ingredients, synergy, delivery systems, processing, stability, and potency.

Dr. Quan currently holds 27 patents covering a variety of processes, technologies, and delivery systems, and was the 2008 recipient of the US-China Science Achievement Award.